In a joint appearance with IMF head Christine Lagarde, Federal Reserve chief Janet Yellen announced on Wednesday, May 6, that equity market valuations are “generally quite high” an[...]
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It’s safe to say that octopuses and other sea creatures probably don’t have a particularly strong grasp of the various complexities of human affairs. It’s also qu[...]
It is well known that the actions of the Federal Reserve have the most significant influence on interest rates. The Fed’s influence is not merely confined to formal statements; so [...]
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The term ‘emerging markets’ refers to all developing countries that are beginning to experience liberalization and rapid economic growth. Among them are Russia, India, China, Brazi[...]
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In my experience, a great many investors have misinterpreted the “buy and hold” strategy. They have overly simplified the meaning to be: just buy stocks, any, hold on for the[...]
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