Canada’s International Trade Minister Ed Fast recently made his thirteenth trade visit to South East Asia to join fellow government officials at the Canada-ASEAN Business Forum, wh[...]
As of 1st January 2015, Dilma Rousseff was sworn in for her second term as president. From an economic standpoint, her first four years were almost uniformly criticised. The econom[...]
On December 17, the US and Cuba announced that they had taken their most definitive steps in decades towards normalized relations. Through a series of meetings in the coming months[...]
The second half of 2014 witnessed a massive depreciation in the value of the Russian Ruble, culminating in the currency briefly hitting an all-time low of Rb80 per US Dollar as rec[...]
Sharp Decline in Global Crude Oil Prices Spawns Winners and Losers Crude oil producers and investors are not exactly thrilled these days given the steep decline in global crude oil[...]
Several gas stations in Edmonton, Canada, are selling unleaded regular gas at 93.9 cents per litre, the cheapest price since January of 2013, as the global oil supply-demand equati[...]
Since the financial markets meltdown in 2007-2008, countries in the EU have been from one economic crisis to another. The ECB has had to bail out countries like Greece, Cyprus, Spa[...]
As the protests in Hong Kong slow down, the question remains: Will Hong Kong suffer major economic impacts with the demonstrations? Analysts and experts agree that it all depends o[...]
It’s safe to say that octopuses and other sea creatures probably don’t have a particularly strong grasp of the various complexities of human affairs. It’s also qu[...]
Over the past decade, investors seeking undervalued growth companies have become more cognizant of the opportunities presented by the BRICS. The emerging nations of Brazil, Russia,[...]