During the Global Financial Crisis (GFC), virtually the entire advanced world was affected. The world major economies unprecedentedly dropped, global financial conglomerates like L[...]
India’s Reliance Industries Limited (RIL) could become a major buyer for Canadian crude oil. RIL, headquartered in Mumbai, India, operates five major divisions: exploration and pro[...]
Renewable energy investing is hotly debated globally. For some, it is purely practical; for others, a political statement; and for still others, a matter of protecting the Earth. I[...]
Japanese stocks were up 57% for 2013 on the Nikkei 225 average, and they could very likely continue to appreciate in 2014. Most of the past two decades have seen Japan’s economy st[...]
According to HSBC, worldwide economic growth is expected to double, thanks to growth in global infrastructure ­related trade. The bank’s report explained that global infrastructure[...]
Mike Cavanagh, JPMorgan’s Co-CEO of Corporate and Investment Bank (CIB), has said that Chinese companies are going to be “very important players on the global stage”. He mentioned [...]
A new study says to expect a surge in emerging market companies over the next 20 years or so, shifting the balance of power and capital around the world. The report by McKinsey Glo[...]
The World Economic Forum’s (WEF) 2013-14 annual rankings, released in September of this year, ranked the U.S. fifth in terms of overall competitiveness. Canada trailed behind in fo[...]
More than 700,000 government workers remain furloughed after the U.S. Congress fails pass a budget bill on October 1, plunging the nation into its first shutdown since 1995. A fact[...]
As the Indian economy struggles to cope with a diverse set of challenges, the sharp decline of the rupee against the US dollar – reaching an all-time low of nearly 70 against the d[...]