The protests earlier this year in Turkey appeared on the surface to have stemmed from a conservationist effort to protect trees in Istanbul’s famous Taksim Gezi Park, one of the fe[...]
For a long time Africa has been labeled the “Last New Frontier” by many international investors, due to the huge promise it holds out to those willing to try its uncharted waters. [...]
Cyprus is a small island with a small population, and the country has recently been a victim of European austerity measures. This was the outcome of long-term bad economic governan[...]
The decade-long housing boom in Toronto has seen an unprecedented level of construction activity with a good 159 towers currently under construction, earning the city the unflatter[...]
Let us consider, for a moment, the story of former Enron employee Charles Prestwood. A long-time worker for Enron and Houston Natural Gas (as the company was previously known), Pre[...]
Those of us who live in Canada and love it should be more than a little concerned about our declining global competitiveness. Why, with our abundance of natural resources and skill[...]
With volatility taking its toll on equity markets, investors are once again frustrated, frightened and outright bewildered. Both retail and institutional investors are questioning [...]