The Federal Reserve has decided to keep monthly bond purchases at $85 billion for now, saying that economic variables need to demonstrate evidence of long-term sustainability. The [...]
Apache Corp. (APA) has agreed to sell some of its oil and gas properties in Canada for $117 million in two deals. The Houston based company will sell its Hatton, Marten Hills, St. [...]
Heavy oil from Canada is trading at the lowest levels in seven months versus West Texas Intermediate (WTI) crude– the US benchmark – as Imperial Oil (IMO) announced increasin[...]
The number of ultra high net worth (UHNW) people in the world has grown by nearly 6% from 2012. There are now 199,235 individuals that are considered ultra-wealthy, with their fort[...]
A series of meetings for the public are being held across the province of New Brunswick in order to answer questions about the proposed plan for the TransCanada pipeline East-West [...]
$49 Billion! That was the total amount of bonds sold by Verizon in the largest corporate debt offer in history. The maturities of the fixed-rate debt covered a span of maturities f[...]
The Canadian and Ontario governments have divested 30 million shares in General Motors (GM) worth approximately $1.1 billion. This stake divested consisted of the equity the govern[...]
Given Verizon’s recent deal to purchase Vodafone’s 45% share in Verizon Wireless for $130 billion, market watchers are now anticipating that Vodafone could be a target for the like[...]
The trouble in Egypt and Syria at the moment is not only affecting those countries but also has spilled over into Turkey, a country that sends 20% of its exports to the Middle East[...]
Cushing, Oklahoma has experienced a massive shift of crude oil out of storage over the last two months.  Over this time crude oil inventories at Cushing has fallen by 40% to 34 mil[...]