Financial planning experts agree that maintaining an adequately diversified and balanced portfolio is key to meeting your investment goals. The appropriate asset mix will vary for [...]
In June of this year, Statistics Canada released data showing that the wealth gap between Canada’s richest and poorest households has widened since 1999, with gains in net worth ac[...]
Prior to the advent of behavioural finance, it was generally assumed that people – investors included – made decisions based on rationality and logic, formally known as “expected u[...]
Most will agree that living longer is a good thing, and the reality is that life expectancy has been rising in recent decades. One outgrowth of this phenomenon is that elderly peop[...]
Recently, the Canadian Real Estate Association (CREA) stated that sales of existing Canadian homes had slipped for a third consecutive month in January, suggesting that Canada’s 5-[...]
#1 Make One This may sound quite trivial but the first resolution is simply to make one. If you’re wondering why you are in a bad financial situation going into 2015, it is because[...]
Gold ended 2014 almost exactly where it began -the price on the year’s final day of trading settled at $1184.10 an ounce, having started the year at $1205. Save for some notable we[...]
Arguably one of the most dynamic finance writers of the modern era, Michael Lewis (author of Liar’s Poker and more recently Flash Boys) is at it again with a thought-provoking essa[...]
In Canada, there is an increasing trend of established Canadians and new immigrants heading west to fulfill the Canadian Dream. The Fraser Institute report entitled “Go West, Young[...]
A new trend among those who earn relatively good and stable income has emerged, as many Canadians are borrowing more for the purchase of vehicles. Car loan amortization periods of [...]