By Karen Henderson We all take delight in planning for vacations and holiday celebrations but when it comes to planning for old age, we literally run the other way. Aging and death[...]
Financial planning experts agree that maintaining an adequately diversified and balanced portfolio is key to meeting your investment goals. The appropriate asset mix will vary for [...]
In June of this year, Statistics Canada released data showing that the wealth gap between Canada’s richest and poorest households has widened since 1999, with gains in net worth ac[...]
Life expectancy in Canada has been increasing at a steady rate in recent years. An April 2014 report from Canada’s Chief Actuary concluded that persons who are age 65 and older are[...]
HSBC’s latest worldwide survey on retirement asserted that Canadians are the least likely to support their children financially, and are the most likely to spend their accumulated [...]
Most will agree that living longer is a good thing, and the reality is that life expectancy has been rising in recent decades. One outgrowth of this phenomenon is that elderly peop[...]
According to a new report released on 13th January by Wealth-X and National Financial Partners, people of “ultra-high net worth” (UHNW) – those with at least $30mn in assets – will[...]
Fund managers of the Healthcare of Ontario Pension Plan (HOOPP), the Ontario Municipal Employees Retirement System (OMERS) and the Ontario Teachers’ Pension Plan – three of Canada’[...]
#1 Make One This may sound quite trivial but the first resolution is simply to make one. If you’re wondering why you are in a bad financial situation going into 2015, it is because[...]
The majority of Canadians have not accumulated enough savings to sustain them after their retirement, according to a survey by the Conference Board of Canada. The study, designed t[...]