In late January, Wells Fargo (NYSE:WFC) cautioned its employees against lending personal funds in the peer-to-peer space, saying that “peer-to-peer lending is a competitive activit[...]
On December 10, 2013, five financial regulatory agencies approved the implementation of the Volcker Rule, a long-awaited regulatory item for US banks. It was originally proposed by[...]
On February 19, credit ratings agency Moody’s released a report arguing that the profitability of Canada’s big banks would be hurt if oil prices remained low, as this would raise t[...]
In a world of economic downturns, unstable governments and uncertain futures, financial institutions are particularly concerned about how global events will play out in relation to[...]
In March 2010, the Foreign Account Tax Compliance Act (FATCA) became a federal U.S. tax law, and its requirements become effective July 1, 2014. FATCA enforces foreign financial as[...]
Mike Cavanagh, JPMorgan’s Co-CEO of Corporate and Investment Bank (CIB), has said that Chinese companies are going to be “very important players on the global stage”. He mentioned [...]
Strategic hires and a slow-down in the Canadian bond market is putting Royal Bank of Canada on pace to become a top 10 firm in the U.S. junk bond market for the first time. RBC Cap[...]
Cyprus is a small island with a small population, and the country has recently been a victim of European austerity measures. This was the outcome of long-term bad economic governan[...]
Bitcoin, a form of decentralized digital currency, rose to the limelight in 2009 and has exhibited a good amount of global demand as a means of exchange, enabling one to procure ta[...]