A rare phenomenon is currently occurring in Europe: Investors are actually paying for the opportunity to lend to certain borrowers. The norm, of course, is that borrowers pay lende[...]
Globally, businesses have become aware of Africa’s investment opportunities. Implementation costs have been high because Africa is fragmented into many different countries in vario[...]
The Federal Reserve recently began cuts to its $85-billion-a-month asset-purchase program  following its December 17-18 Federal Open Market Committee (FOMC) policy meeting.  The pr[...]
Despite Wally Weitz’s strong track record, the value investor has more recently decided to stockpile cash, with around 30% of his fund invested in cash and bonds. While value inves[...]
Strategic hires and a slow-down in the Canadian bond market is putting Royal Bank of Canada on pace to become a top 10 firm in the U.S. junk bond market for the first time. RBC Cap[...]
The Federal Reserve has decided to keep monthly bond purchases at $85 billion for now, saying that economic variables need to demonstrate evidence of long-term sustainability. The [...]
$49 Billion! That was the total amount of bonds sold by Verizon in the largest corporate debt offer in history. The maturities of the fixed-rate debt covered a span of maturities f[...]
The largest Mutual Fund in the world, Pimco’s Total Return Fund, suffered a decline of $41 billion over the last four months due to losses and redemptions as investors headed for t[...]
A number of investment banks are prepared to step back from the trading of government bonds and reduce their activity in other interest rate related products due to a drop in reven[...]
In my experience, a great many investors have misinterpreted the “buy and hold” strategy. They have overly simplified the meaning to be: just buy stocks, any, hold on for the[...]