Heavy oil from Canada is trading at the lowest levels in seven months versus West Texas Intermediate (WTI) crude– the US benchmark – as Imperial Oil (IMO) announced increasin[...]
It’s becoming more and more evident each day that the time of quantitative easing in the United States is nearing an end. Pretty soon, we may see the Federal Reserve raising intere[...]
In the second quarter of 2013 Canada economy grew at a slower pace, partially driven by a decline in energy and business investment exports. This reinforces the belief that the cen[...]
The Bank of Montreal(BMO) is hoping that its business will grow as economic conditions south of the border improve, but low interest rates will exhibit steady pressure on BMO’s bus[...]
While Canada appeared to have weathered the “great recession” that began in 2008 more easily than many other western nations, it may have given us an unwarranted degree of self-con[...]
Canadian senate is planning to force railways to take out adequate insurance to cover common incidences. This was recorded in a report issued by Canadian senate after the train dis[...]
There is a major expansion to boost storage capacity by about 25 percent to add an estimated 9 Million Barrel to the Canadian Crude Oil Hubs in Alberta, Edmonton (around 6.6 MB) wi[...]