2015 was a disastrous year for commodities. The S&P GSCI, which tracks the performance of 24 of the most-liquid commodity markets, ended 32.9% down over the year, the fourth-la[...]
Commodities markets struggled during the first half of 2015, as most asset classes experienced an overall price decline during the period. The S&P GSCI – a benchmark measure of[...]
The US Energy Information Administration, in its weekly report on inventory levels of crude and refinery products released Wednesday, April 22, reported that US crude oil stocks ha[...]
On February 19, credit ratings agency Moody’s released a report arguing that the profitability of Canada’s big banks would be hurt if oil prices remained low, as this would raise t[...]
Following the collapse in crude oil prices during the second half of 2014, NYMEX WTI broke through the $50/bbl barrier very soon into 2015 – January 5 to be precise. The $50 [...]
On 7th January 2015, the price of the Brent benchmark crude futures contract briefly slid below $50/bbl for the first time since April 2009. Its US counterpart, NYMEX WTI, dropped [...]
The second half of 2014 witnessed a massive depreciation in the value of the Russian Ruble, culminating in the currency briefly hitting an all-time low of Rb80 per US Dollar as rec[...]
India’s Reliance Industries Limited (RIL) could become a major buyer for Canadian crude oil. RIL, headquartered in Mumbai, India, operates five major divisions: exploration and pro[...]
The Middle East has long been the world’s largest energy producer. Their use of oil as a diplomatic weapon has caused many energy dependent countries, the United States espec[...]
An executive at Enbridge confirmed that the federal cabinet will make a decision on the proposed Northern Gateway pipeline over British Columbia, sometime in mid-2014. Vern Yu, Sen[...]