CWAN Biannual Commodities Update – January 2018 As an asset class, commodities turned in a decidedly mixed performance during 2017, with pronounced winners and losers emerging by t[...]
CWAN Biannual commodities update July 2017 After a stellar recovery in 2016, it has been a disappointing first half for the commodities complex on the whole in 2017. The S&P GS[...]
2015 was a disastrous year for commodities. The S&P GSCI, which tracks the performance of 24 of the most-liquid commodity markets, ended 32.9% down over the year, the fourth-la[...]
Investors were in for a wild roller coaster ride as volatility held the equity market in its jaws in a precarious seesaw movement for a second week in August 2015. All the widely t[...]
Several gas stations in Edmonton, Canada, are selling unleaded regular gas at 93.9 cents per litre, the cheapest price since January of 2013, as the global oil supply-demand equati[...]
The Middle East has long been the world’s largest energy producer. Their use of oil as a diplomatic weapon has caused many energy dependent countries, the United States espec[...]
An executive at Enbridge confirmed that the federal cabinet will make a decision on the proposed Northern Gateway pipeline over British Columbia, sometime in mid-2014. Vern Yu, Sen[...]
Heavy oil from Canada is trading at the lowest levels in seven months versus West Texas Intermediate (WTI) crude– the US benchmark – as Imperial Oil (IMO) announced increasin[...]