On January 23, the Bank of Canada posted its inflation figures for December. Among the figures, the standout reading was the 3.7% increase in food costs from December 2013. At the [...]
On 15th January, the Swiss central bank (SNB) shocked global markets by removing the cap on its currency, the Franc, which it had put into effect against the euro at 1.20 francs mo[...]
The second half of 2014 witnessed a massive depreciation in the value of the Russian Ruble, culminating in the currency briefly hitting an all-time low of Rb80 per US Dollar as rec[...]
Over the past decade, investors seeking undervalued growth companies have become more cognizant of the opportunities presented by the BRICS. The emerging nations of Brazil, Russia,[...]
Generally, discussions of consumer protection or regulatory actions in financial transactions emanate from the United States or some other democratic government around the world. H[...]
As the Indian economy struggles to cope with a diverse set of challenges, the sharp decline of the rupee against the US dollar – reaching an all-time low of nearly 70 against the d[...]
Bitcoin, a form of decentralized digital currency, rose to the limelight in 2009 and has exhibited a good amount of global demand as a means of exchange, enabling one to procure ta[...]