Following its latest monetary policy meeting, which ended on October 28, the Federal Reserve decided to keep interest rates near the zero mark, the same as it has done for the last[...]
A safe haven is an asset class which increases or retains its value during an economic downturn or a time of crisis. Investors park their money in such safe havens to limit their l[...]
Gold ended 2014 almost exactly where it began -the price on the year’s final day of trading settled at $1184.10 an ounce, having started the year at $1205. Save for some notable we[...]
It is well known that the actions of the Federal Reserve have the most significant influence on interest rates. The Fed’s influence is not merely confined to formal statements; so [...]
The Federal Reserve recently began cuts to its $85-billion-a-month asset-purchase program  following its December 17-18 Federal Open Market Committee (FOMC) policy meeting.  The pr[...]
As the Federal Reserve Debates looks toward its December 17-18 policy meeting, regional Reserve Bank chiefs and other Reserve Board members have expressed differing views on the ti[...]
After President Barack Obama rejected a six-week extension of the debt ceiling and failed to consider lifting the US government shutdown, the Democratic and Republican Senate major[...]
This week marks the deadline to raise the U.S. debt ceiling. With the U.S. Congress still in negotiations, the consequences could be dire if the largest economy on earth can’[...]
U.S. President Barack Obama nominated Janet Yellen to serve as the next head of the Federal Reserve. Here are five points about Obama’s choice: Most experienced Fed chair in [...]
As the Indian economy struggles to cope with a diverse set of challenges, the sharp decline of the rupee against the US dollar – reaching an all-time low of nearly 70 against the d[...]