According to the most recent jobs report released by the Department of Labor, the US unemployment rate has fallen to an eight-year low of 4.9%. The Organization for Economic Cooper[...]
As of 1st January 2015, Dilma Rousseff was sworn in for her second term as president. From an economic standpoint, her first four years were almost uniformly criticised. The econom[...]
On December 17, the US and Cuba announced that they had taken their most definitive steps in decades towards normalized relations. Through a series of meetings in the coming months[...]
As the protests in Hong Kong slow down, the question remains: Will Hong Kong suffer major economic impacts with the demonstrations? Analysts and experts agree that it all depends o[...]
Earlier this year Olli Rehn, the Commission Vice President for Economic and Monetary Affairs and the Eurozone, said that “the economic recovery has been gaining ground in Europe, f[...]
The automobile industry has helped maintain global dependence on fossil fuels over renewable energy sources. One exception is Norwegian-owned Tesla Motors, which has a plant locate[...]