Brazil’s economy has been struggling to maintain growth over the past few years, but last year’s results were quite poor. The country has seen its inflation rate spiral to over 10%[...]
Canada’s capital outflow has been the fastest in the developed world over the last year. According to Kamal Sharma, a foreign-exchange strategist at Bank of America Merrill Lynch ([...]
Over the past three years, the major Latin American equity markets have delivered mixed results. 2012 proved to be a bumper year for most emerging markets, as investor funds poured[...]
Expectations that China’s booming stock market will become increasingly open to foreign investment appear to be growing as authorities continue to reform its financial markets. The[...]
In the fast-moving world of technology investing, it doesn’t get any bigger than the two predominant global tech giants, Google and Apple. While Google is focused on search and onl[...]
The solar energy market had its best year ever in 2014. In the US, 32% of new power-generating capacity was attributed to solar power last year, ranking it second only to natural g[...]
The coal industry has suffered dramatically in the last few years. For example, since January 2011, the Newcastle Free On-Board export price, which is the key benchmark mechanism f[...]
As of 1st January 2015, Dilma Rousseff was sworn in for her second term as president. From an economic standpoint, her first four years were almost uniformly criticised. The econom[...]
BlackBerry, the Canadian-based company, has recently released a new smartphone and quarterly financial report that shows its turnaround is still a work in progress. The new phone i[...]
Several gas stations in Edmonton, Canada, are selling unleaded regular gas at 93.9 cents per litre, the cheapest price since January of 2013, as the global oil supply-demand equati[...]