CWAN Biannual Commodities Update – January 2018 As an asset class, commodities turned in a decidedly mixed performance during 2017, with pronounced winners and losers emerging by t[...]
CWAN Biannual commodities update July 2017 After a stellar recovery in 2016, it has been a disappointing first half for the commodities complex on the whole in 2017. The S&P GS[...]
2015 was a disastrous year for commodities. The S&P GSCI, which tracks the performance of 24 of the most-liquid commodity markets, ended 32.9% down over the year, the fourth-la[...]
A safe haven is an asset class which increases or retains its value during an economic downturn or a time of crisis. Investors park their money in such safe havens to limit their l[...]
Commodities markets struggled during the first half of 2015, as most asset classes experienced an overall price decline during the period. The S&P GSCI – a benchmark measure of[...]
In the first half of this decade, commodities markets experienced a sizeable degree of volatility. Many commodities performed exceptionally until around 2012; from 2013 onwards tho[...]
Gold ended 2014 almost exactly where it began -the price on the year’s final day of trading settled at $1184.10 an ounce, having started the year at $1205. Save for some notable we[...]
Barrick Gold Corp hinted that Peter Munk, the company’s founder and chairman, would likely depart from the board upon the annual meeting in 2014. Sources suggest the move is to hel[...]
Peter Munk founded Barrick Gold Inc in 1983 and since then he has been driving the agenda for the company. It is generally agreed that Mr. Munk has over the years build the company[...]
The Toronto Stock Exchange (TSX) reached a one-week high last Friday. Economic data showed that U.S. Federal Reserve was not going to wind-down its stimulus program. This lifted th[...]