On Wednesday, November 25, US President Barack Obama signed a landmark item of legislation, the US Commercial Space Launch Competitiveness Act, which allows US citizens to claim pr[...]
This has been a bad year for commodities, as most are in a waterfall decline. Currencies of countries which rely on commodity exports are facing the heat. The Canadian loonie is on[...]
In the first half of this decade, commodities markets experienced a sizeable degree of volatility. Many commodities performed exceptionally until around 2012; from 2013 onwards tho[...]
During the Global Financial Crisis (GFC), virtually the entire advanced world was affected. The world major economies unprecedentedly dropped, global financial conglomerates like L[...]
Peter Munk founded Barrick Gold Inc in 1983 and since then he has been driving the agenda for the company. It is generally agreed that Mr. Munk has over the years build the company[...]
BHP Billiton is planning to expand its business operations into potash. They plan to maintain their Canadian business operation as they delay production of the large deposit until [...]
The fourth quarter global investment setting came to be dominated by speculation about what would happen if the United States fell over the so-called “fiscal cliff”, which referred[...]