The second half of 2014 witnessed a massive depreciation in the value of the Russian Ruble, culminating in the currency briefly hitting an all-time low of Rb80 per US Dollar as rec[...]
Many European politicians are comparing the Ukrainian situation with what happened in former Yugoslavia 23 years ago. Back then, Yugoslavia had similar problems that resulted in th[...]
Russia and China have come to an arrangement that will see Russia supply four hundred billion dollars’ worth of natural gas. The deal was sealed amid diplomatic differences between[...]
In a world of economic downturns, unstable governments and uncertain futures, financial institutions are particularly concerned about how global events will play out in relation to[...]
Since 2007, Saskatchewan’s economy has grown dramatically, due primarily to revenue from natural resources, such as petroleum products and potash. The potash industry was threatene[...]
The term ‘emerging markets’ refers to all developing countries that are beginning to experience liberalization and rapid economic growth. Among them are Russia, India, China, Brazi[...]