Japanese stocks were up 57% for 2013 on the Nikkei 225 average, and they could very likely continue to appreciate in 2014. Most of the past two decades have seen Japan’s economy st[...]
Twitter has had a volatile month in December. The stock fell dramatically on the New York Stock Exchange after sell-side analysts downgraded it, only to then quickly surge in value[...]
Despite Wally Weitz’s strong track record, the value investor has more recently decided to stockpile cash, with around 30% of his fund invested in cash and bonds. While value inves[...]
The Canadian and Ontario governments have divested 30 million shares in General Motors (GM) worth approximately $1.1 billion. This stake divested consisted of the equity the govern[...]
In my experience, a great many investors have misinterpreted the “buy and hold” strategy. They have overly simplified the meaning to be: just buy stocks, any, hold on for the[...]