In late January, Wells Fargo (NYSE:WFC) cautioned its employees against lending personal funds in the peer-to-peer space, saying that “peer-to-peer lending is a competitive activit[...]
BlackBerry, the Canadian-based company, has recently released a new smartphone and quarterly financial report that shows its turnaround is still a work in progress. The new phone i[...]
Consulting firm eMarketer on Tuesday released figures that showed Twitter would fall short of the one billion users it had anticipated by the year 2018. The figures revealed that t[...]
Who owns the Internet and who determines how it is used and for what cost? The issue is ‘net neutrality,’ the principle that Internet service providers (ISPs) treat all data transm[...]
On Tuesday, December 24th, Mike Lazaridis, a BlackBerry co-founder, reduced his shares of BlackBerry to less than 5%, receiving $26 million US in the process. According to regulato[...]
Twitter has had a volatile month in December. The stock fell dramatically on the New York Stock Exchange after sell-side analysts downgraded it, only to then quickly surge in value[...]
With Twitter’s recent IPO success, other technology executives have become quite optimistic, seeing strong potential for success with their ventures. Looking ahead, we could well s[...]
The biggest decision Twitter has made this year is its plan to go public. If Twitter is to be a success as a public company, however, there are a few key concerns in its filing tha[...]
Start-up technology and biotech companies are increasingly becoming a potent force in economic growth and high-end innovation. Companies backed by venture capital, such as Google, [...]
Korean-based Samsung Electronics bested Taiwanese rival HTC Corp in the smartphone race, pushing HTC to its first quarterly loss ever. Samsung’s record operating profit in th[...]